Monday, August 07, 2006

Summary 2006 Film Festival

FilmBrief descriptionIan’s
Last Train to Freoperils of public transport45
Brickteen film noir53
The MethodSpanish executive job interview53
The Host Updated
old fashioned monster movie5
How much do you love me?Semi-surreal sex comedy3.54.5
The Road to GuantánamoUK documentary44
Avenge but one of my two eyesMasada & Samson documentary44
Thank you for smokinglife of a MOD squad PR man3.54
The ValetFrench farce43
WaterIndian widows4
The Sasquatch Dumpling Gangnerdy teen film4
Kirikou and the SorceressFrench animation of West Africa4
China BlueChinese jeans factory4
The White Planetarctic nature film
C.R.A.Z.Y.Gay boy grows up Canadian

Ten CanoesThe worlds' most exotically located soap-opera

Close to HomeIsraeli teen girl bonding33.5
A Scanner Darklyanimation about paranoia3.5
Shortbuscast driven sex film33
5 Days Updated
settlers leave Gaza2.53
The White Masai Updated
Swiss blonde goes bush2.53
Heading Southwhite women in Haiti3
Iraq in Fragments3 part documentary3
Bad BloodStanley Graham man-hunt3
Event 16low budget NZ sci-fi2.5
Abduction: The Medumi Yokota storydocumentary2.5
JindabyneAustralian PC film22
The Passengeridentity change and road trip22
Three Times3 Taiwanese loves stories2
The Death of Mr. Lazarescupensioner gets terrible treatment by health system and then dies

The New Worldoverly long first contact film11
Worldly Desiresout of focus Thai film fragments0

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