Friday, August 04, 2006

The Method

I hate job interviews but the thought of being locked in a room with the other candidates and "playing" a Survivor style game to eliminate each other one-by-one is much worse than any job interview I have actually had. This is the scenario in this wicked Spanish film. The job is an executive position and the applicants show up wearing suits and carrying brief cases and look indistinguishable from each other. But as the day progresses the personalities begin to show. The contestants / applicants need to be cunning, aggressive, innovative but also need to avoid standing out from the crowd, putting themselves ahead of the company, or behaving differently to what is expected of a suit wearing executive.

After watching these seven suits battling it out for an hour, you wonder why these people still want to work for the sadistic company who is putting them through this humiliating process. But you are also gripped by trying on the one hand to work out how this "Method" works and on the other by trying to guess who will survive to get the job.

Ian’s Rating: 5/5
Anne’s Rating: ?/5

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