Saturday, August 05, 2006

Three Times

Another film made up of three sub-films (see Iraq in Fragments). Three love stories set in 1966, 1911 and 2005; each filmed in an appropriate style. The first set in 1966 is a slow almost wordless love story between a tongue tied student being called up to the army and the pool hall hostesses he is infatuated with. The second is a silent (though colour) movie where a liberal journalist gets involved with courtesan contract to be close to another girl he admires. The third is grungy, confusing modern story of a girl juggling a boyfriend and a girlfriend.

I enjoyed the humour, shyness, and innocence of first story. The second story was harder to follow though the photography was lush. I found the fragments of argument, the unpleasant silences and the background noise and photography of the third story even less enjoyable.

Ian’s Ratings: 4/5, 2/5, 0/5 giving an average of 2/5

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