Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love in a Puff

Love in a Puff, which is the unfolding of the romance between Cherie (a cosmetics saleswoman) and Jimmy (who works in advertising), was made in Hong Kong. When I think of movies made in Hong Kong I think of Jackie Chan, martial arts and police dramas, so a romantic comedy was definitely a novelty. A romance born in an alley outside work amongst a group of smokers is also a first. The firsts kept coming - early on I remember thinking how refreshing to have the girl making the first moves. Cherie is older than Jimmy. A man who puts dry ice in the loo for kicks is definitely an exception to the rule. And it was great for us myopes to have a good-looking, glasses-wearer as the male lead.

The attractive leads, the witty dialogue and the incorporation of text messaging into the plot all work well and add to the watching pleasure. Smoking is a integral part of the plot, not just the title and the means of girl meeting boy. Cherie and Jimmy driving all over town the night before the tax on cigarettes goes up adds a comic and urgent element. Cherie's asthma is another important plot aspect.

Loathing smoking shouldn't keep you away. This a feel-good movie on lots of levels and the ending should keep all viewers happy.

Anne's rating 4/5
Ian's rating 3/5

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