Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Sometimes you just need a bit of fluff. That's especially true when you've seen a lot of  shootings, abductions and general unkindness. So what better fluff is there than a cat movie? And not just any cat movie, an exotic cat movie, filmed in beautiful Istanbul.
Kedi is a documentary which follows a bunch of cats and meets their owners and minders. None of the cats are completely domesticated  - they live in workshops, at the fish market, on the wharf and in a dress shop. Some the humans mind just one cat (and its offspring) in their workplace and some feed and care for whole communities of feral cats.

My favourite cat was Sari the first cat, a particularly charming ginger cat who we follow through the streets where she scavenges food for her four very cute ginger kitten. She walks ( jogs, really) long distances and her hunting ability is impressive. My favourite cat minder was the man who had a running tab at the vets for treating sick and injured cats.

It seems that Istanbul has had a significant semi-feral cat population for hundred of years but that modern development may put that in peril. It's much harder for cats to live in and around large modern buildings and big road than it is for them to to live in small old buildings and alleyways. So it could be, that in watching this movie you're watching a disappearing phenomenon. And speaking of disappearing phenomena, you may find your angst evaporating as well.

Anne's rating 3/5 Ian's rating 3.5/5

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