Friday, August 11, 2017

Bad Genius

Thrillers normally involve threats to life. But the Thai thriller Bad Genius involves issues that are much more relevant to young people. Pressure to succeed, in this case succeed at exams and other pressures from the education system, parents and other students.

Lynn has no trouble with exams but her best friend Grace is not so bright. Not succeeding with tutoring her friend, in a tragedy of miscalculation Lynn resorts to passing answers during an exam. But Grace blabs to her boyfriend Pat and now Lynn has more people wanting her help with exams. As these are students from well heeled backgrounds this proves temptingly lucrative.

As the scam repeats and grows it becomes more complicated and involves an international dimension. Every bit as tense as a more conventional thriller this teen centred film involves threats, cash, blackmail, chases, betrayal and stars four kids whose personalities would be familiar from school.

The wheeling and dealing between the students, the pressure to succeed and the tense atmosphere in the exam room are what drives this film. While it invites us to root for Lynn and her friends to succeed, the film doesn't overlook its duty to deliver a morally correct outcome. 🎥

Ian's rating 4.5/5 Anne's rating 5/5

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  1. In addition to being a thriller, Bad Genius is a very funny film.