Saturday, August 09, 2014

When Animals Dream

Marie is growing up, getting her first job, interacting with boys, getting a mysterious rash on her chest and discovering disturbing things about her non-speaking wheelchair bound mother. The small, dull, featureless Danish fishing village is an appropriate setting for the rising tension between Marie and her workmates. It also matches her pale blonde complexion. Marie's father is caring but inarticulate and it is left to Marie to figure out her mother's secret and her inheritance.

When Animals Dream is not a blood bath horror movie nor a Disneyfied glorification of the supernatural like the Twilight series nor a bloody soap opera like True Blood. When Animals Dream is much more a coming of age film for a lonely girl with an unusual difference. I thought the ending was a bit weak but it might appeal to those given to revenge fantasies.

The special effects and on screen violence is kept to a minimum. The focus of the story is the emerging secret and how Marie is going to cope with it. It is clear that like any predator that can kill people, Marie is in mortal danger herself. Humans don't like to be endangered, except by themselves.

Ian's rating 3.5/5

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