Monday, August 11, 2014

Life After Beth

Your girlfriend comes back from the dead, looking as good as ever and eager to make out. You can now tell her all the things you should have said before. You can both do those things that she so wanted to do before she... um died. Resurrection is in the Bible so it must be good, right? Life After Beth has taken a turn for the better.

OK there are a few problems: what do you tell your family? Or her family? Or say to girls that hit on you, knowing Beth died?

Aubrey Plaza's deadpan style is perfect for the briefly deceased Beth. I'm not sure what she ever saw in the neurotic Zach (Dane DeHaan). Occasional flashes of violent exasperation aside, Beth takes Zach's twitchiness in her stride and is keen to get on with their relationship. The supporting cast enjoy their roles as: sceptics, believers and white knight.

Life After Beth is romantic comedy in what is becoming a new sub-genre of rom-com. While teasing us with our expectation of the genre, director Jeff Baena eventually takes us there briefly before circling us back around to the one-on-one story of Zack and Beth.

Ian's rating 3.5/5 Anne's rating 3.5/5

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