Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Award Ceremony NZ International Film Festival 2011

This year we saw about 40 feature films and 8 shorts between us. I was disappointed at missing out on seeing Incendies and Sleeping Beauty, but Bill Gosden et al jam far too many films into 16 days. The Festival really needs to be stretched over four weeks. For me this year's Film Festival was the year of slacker movies, French films and thrillers.

I shall put my ten-cents worth in italics - Anne

Best Film
I can't decide on a best film and rank three films (all thrillers) as equally good:
  • The Man from Nowhere - Tarantino's flair for stylish violence meets Spielberg flair for pathos and humour.
  • Point Blank - Underground, overground, on the run in Paris.
  • Viva Riva! - Où est Riva? Everyone wants a piece of this man.

    I didn't see many thrillers (which was probably unfortunate, given Ian's ratings) but I think The Trip deserves best film with The First Grader as runner up.
Best Documentary
My pick is Tabloid, a mind-boggling documentary about an obsessive woman who goes the extra 5000 miles to get what she wants.

My award would go to Hot Coffee

Best Drama
My pick is Meek's Cutoff, a study of the dynamics in small group leadership and decision making.

For me The First Grader was way out in front.

Best Comedy
My pick is Let the Bullets Fly but if that is too violent for you, my next pick is Romantics Anonymous.
I loved Romantics Anonymous but The Trip has to be best comedy as well as best film.

Best Thriller
See the Best Film above.

French Film
In order from best to worst:
  1. Point Blank - Underground, overground, on the run in Paris.
  2. Romantics Anonymous - The emotionally challenged find ... each other.
  3. Nothing to Declare - Franco-Belgian customs.
  4. The Women on the 6th Floor - Finding out how the other half live.
  5. A Cat in Paris - Is Dino Zoé's cat or Nico's cat?
  6. Tomboy - Laure is Mikael today.
  7. Love Like Poison - Girl comes of age.
  8. Le Havre - An unrealistic film.

    I thought Romantics Anonymous and Nothing to Declare were equally good.

Slacker Movies
A slacker is someone who tries their best not to work. In slacker movies not much happens. The film that gave its name to the genre was Richard Linklater's 1991 film Slacker. But filmakers were making slacker movies before the term was coined. This year we saw an extra-ordinary number of these films (and I am too slack to pick the best, or worst):

Odds and ends


Best Actors
In order:
  1. Brendan Gleeson (Sgt Gerry Boyle) in The Guard
  2. Robert DeNiro (Travis Bickle) in Taxi Driver
  3. Agnes Kittelsen (Kaja) in Happy, Happy
  4. Hoji Fortuna (César) in Viva Riva!
  5. Manie Malone (Nora) in Viva Riva!
Benoit Poelvoorde deserves a special mention - he starred in both Nothing to Declare and Romantics Anonymous.

Best Child Actors
In order:
  1. Zoé Héran (Laure/Michaël) in Tomboy
  2. Kim Sae-ron (So-mi) in The Man from Nowhere
  3. Camille Gigot and Jean-Charles Deval (Bertrand and Olivier Joubert) in The Women on the 6th Floor

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