Saturday, August 06, 2011

Space Battleship Yamato

Space Battleship Yamato is classic space opera with the usual disregard for physics and common sense. It is a live action / CGI remake of a 1970s Japanese anime series. Despite an unmilitary overdose of emotion in every scene (enough to make a samurai cringe) I found it completely uninvolving. If you channel your inner 9 or 10 year old you'll better suited to enjoying this space adventure story which follows Susumu Kodai as he re-enlists and learns the hard lessons of military command (learn why mummy and daddy do mean things sometimes).

If you are not going to engage with the story on that level intended you can still get your money's worth looking for the space battles and camaraderie of Star Wars, the bridge scenes from Star Trek and many other homages to sci-fi films and TV series. Contrast that with the grey, cramped interiors and craziness of making a spaceship that looks like a WW II battleship. Judging from audience reaction at the Paramount Bergman, most of the audience were engaging with the film on this level. Don't see this at home, it is best enjoyed on a big screen where you can fully appreciate this nostalgic spectacle.

The spaceship of the title bares more than a passing resemblance to the Japanese WWII battleship Yamato the largest battleship ever built and a legend in Japan for its final one way mission to try and protect Okinawa from the Americans.

Ian's rating 2.5/5

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