Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our Little Sister

It was off to the Embassy yesterday for the first festival film of the year. Our little sister is a pleasant family drama. Three twenty-something sisters attending their estranged father's funeral meet the fourteen-year-old half-sister they didn't know they had. The three of them thought their father was "useless" whereas their half sister Suzo was much more attached to her father than to her mother.Their mother left when they were in their teens, so they're used to sticking together. They suggest Suzo comes to live with them in the house they inherited.

Suzo moves towns to move in with them and the film covers the year following the move.We the audience get to know the sisters, their routines and the flavour of their lives and relationships.We think about the influence of your upbringing and your position in the family on how you turn out as a person. 

The film has some the same flavour as Like Father Like Son  which is probably because they're made by the same director, something I've discovered since I watched it.The characters are very likeable, so it's an easy watch. The scenery is pretty and so are the actresses, but seeing it on the big screen isn't really vital.

Anne's rating : 3/5

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