Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Officially, Humpday is about two straight guys daring each other to make a man-on-man porn film. And this is part of the truth and very amusing it is too, in a slightly cringe-making way - trying to have sex without attraction or desire on the part of either participant is really a pretty ludicrous concept.

The guys concerned are Andrew and Ben, thirty-somethings who were at College together.Ben is now happily married to Anna with whom he has a communicative and considerate relationship. Andrew is an artist of sorts, who has never completed a project of any kind. Unannounced, Andrew arrives on Ben and Anna's doorstep at 2 o'clock one morning, fresh off the plane from Mexico and is invited to stay. And instead of being a dutiful guest and turning up for Anna's special dinner the next night, Andrew takes Ben to a boozy bohemian party where the porn film idea is born.And the rest of the film is about how this idea plays out

So, in fact, Humpday is about the dynamics of relationships and the process of moving from one life stage to another. There is a key speech where Ben tells Anna that he loves living with her and he loves the idea of having a child with her but he does want to indulge the side of himself that she doesn't know before he gets finally entrenched in the family-man-in-the-suburbs-scene.

Despite its risque premise, its a pretty gentle, talky sort of comedy which won't take the world by storm but made for a perfectly pleasant afternoon.

Anne's rating 3/5

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