Sunday, July 26, 2009

Samson and Delilah

Samson & Delilah is a movie to touch your heart. And disturb you. And, importantly to make you feel that there's always hope. It's the story of the love affair between two aboriginal teenagers, one of whom is a petrol-sniffer. There's no sex to speak of, and almost no dialogue but there's physical beauty, charm and rock-solid loyalty and then there's kick-you-in-the-guts awfulness but the film-maker seems to have got the doses of each just right so you CAN bear to go on watching.

I loved Samson throwing rocks at Delilah as if he were six not sixteen, and I loved him dancing on the verandah. I liked the hand gestures Delilah made to him on the way into the store and I liked them eating 2 minute noodles with their fingers. I liked Gonzo the drunk under the bridge in Alice Springs who didn't say much but he was positively chatty compared to the hero and heroine. I loved Delilah's Nana and I've always loved the landscape of Central Australia.

Clearly, not everyone loves this film and here's a totally contrasting viewpoint for you . I don't think you should go to Samson and Delilah if you need a light and fluffy movie, but I think you should go sometime.

Anne's rating 4/5

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