Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Love You Phillip Morrison

Jim Carey's not everyone's cup of tea, but there isn't so much of the cable guy in this movie - this is more a presentation of [true] subject matter which is in itself unbelievable - but is topped off with Carey's comic abilities. The film follows the life of Steve (something), from childhood, when he learns he was adopted, leaping to adulthood when he meets (in church) and marries his wife, then admits to her he's gay... at which point the film really begins. Steve is a serious con-artist, who'll do pretty much anything, but is honestly serious about a guy (Philip Morrison) and there's no cheating involved - he's just cheating everyone else - insurance companies, employers, the beauracracy & courts... to pay for it - and to escape - from the law, custody, prison - and there REALLY are a good many approaches to this.

The film ends with the admission that while Phillip got out in 2006, Steve became "an embarrassment to the state of Texas, and it's governor, George W Bush, and was handed an unprecedented life sentence" (one presumes it was unprecedented due to the lack of violence etc in the crimes) and that he's still inside...

The story is incredible, and the presentation is "a laugh a minute" - there's a spot towards the end where it seems to drag a little, but overall was fairly evenly- and quick-paced from start to end; I think the depictions of intimacy were well done (I assume at least not all of those involved were queer) though aside from these and Carey himself, the acting was a bit lacking in places. Notwithstanding this, watching this film was very enjoyable, and in some respects offers a fair amount of food for thought.

John's rating 4/5

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