Monday, August 04, 2008


Hai Ya! Only that doesnt sound right as the fighter this movie concerns is a woman - Aicha - a turkish teenager whose family lives in denmark - and the screams were different.

Fighter is a chapter in the life of Aicha during her senior year at high school, during which time she leaves the self-defence training she's done for a couple of years, and in defiance of her parents joins a competitive full-contact mixed (ie both genders) fighting team. A black eye makes her the object of suspicion in her family, and worse, her elder brother's fiance's family. Due to the inhuman strictures of islam, when the source of her injury becomes known, her brother's fiance's family breaks off the engagement, and the fallout begins.

The film successfully portrays the various members of these two turkish families, their emotions and their interractions all seemingly appropriate to the casts' various roles, their ages and genders.

While the film starts cleanly, it does however end with several loose ends, and it contains a number of episodes of semi-dreamscape (or nightmare) which is never given any basis, and doesnt mesh with the film as a whole.

Nonetheless I did quite enjoy it. Recommend it? It's Ok, - although thats a positive ok, rather than a negative one. 3/5

Ian's rating 3/5

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