Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lorna's Silence

The premise was used more humorously in Green Card (and probably in real life often enough) so is nothing new. Here the would be immigrant is an young Albanian woman who wants to become a Belgium citizen and earn enough money to open a snack bar and the other party is a drug addict who is happy to earn a bit of cash through a fake marriage to Lorna. The bit of the plan that Claudy is unaware of is that he is due for a drug overdose to conveniently make Lorna a Belgian widow so that she can marry a Russian man to earn more money for both herself and the taxi driving broker, Fabio, before divorcing him so she can marry her real boyfriend, Sokol, and get him a Belgian citizenship too. Claudy thinks the plan is for a divorce, and as he struggles to get clean it becomes Lorna's preferred plan too. But Fabio is implacable and insists on the original plan.

The camera never strays far from Lorna with her elfin good looks, soulful eyes and red pants, as it follows her around a dull urban landscape as she juggles her job, her dreams, her conscience and the men in her life.

I am still debating with myself whether what Lorna does at the end was out of character or whether I had misread Lorna's character all along.

Ian's rating 3.5/5

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