Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Row R at the Embassy

The Embassy is the premier cinema for the Wellington Film Festival. It contains 3 types of seats. There is a block of leather seats which I believe are usually priced higher than others but during the festival are just first come, first served. Around these and back as far as row P are fixed seats that are better class than traditional "flip-up" style seats. From row R back to row V are narrower, traditional "flip-up" style seats. Unfortunately row R has very poor leg room (even Anne felt cramped) due to the change in seat type and in the center block most of the 24-6 seats have broken backs. It is possible that people have broken the backs of the seats because they have been so cramped.

My advice if you are forced book into rows behind row P at the Embassy refuse a seat in row R and choose a row further back. Even row V is better than row R!

Ian's rating: 1/5

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  1. This is interesting, I had thought that this site was a discourse on movies, for the discussion thereof, I hadnt realised it discussed theatres as well.

    I'm in the embassy tonight... phew, I'm in row M forward of the dreaded row P.

    Though probably still likely to get roasted if some thoughtless person decides to burn the place down while I am in there.