Thursday, July 26, 2007


A unknown woman in a distinctive red dress is found drowned in a puddle of water. A detective finds a button at the scene matches one missing from his coat. His finger prints are found at the scene. He gets paranoid that his colleagues suspect him. He catches a glimpse of the dead woman at the scene a couple of days later. Then there is a second drowning murder, which is easily solved and while the suspect is being questioned by police he sees someone who isn't there. From here the detective is more frequently visited by the ghost of the first victim, making him more jumpy and confused. The plot gets even more complicated with a disused mental hospital and a rumour of punishment by holding patients' heads in a bowl of seawater, a third murder and the detective's much younger girlfriend. Just as I thought I had it all sorted the final few scenes threw a bunch of spanners into the works and I am not sure it makes sense or if it is even meant to.

Interestingly many of the dramatic events in the film are preceded by earthquakes. This is a mix of who-done-it, horror and metaphysical puzzle.

Ian's rating: 4/5

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