Friday, July 20, 2007

Red Road

This is not the sort of film I would recommend to everybody but if you like to figure out what is going on in a film rather than have it spoon-fed to you, you might find it interesting.

You also need to be comfortable with the Glasgow accent.

The plot is quite simple and basically involves just 2 people. Jackie works for City Eye which runs Glasgow's all seeing CCTV system. One night see catches sight of a guy she recognises. A man she thought was in jail. She starts to make inquiries and to stalk him at first via CCTV and later in person.

Jackie's two sex scenes make an interesting contrast: in the way they are filmed, her apparent enjoyment (or not), her choice of sexual partner and the post-coital activities. The cunnilingus scene is particularly good.

I would rate the film somewhere between "didn't regret going" and "could have waited till it showed on TV".

Ian's rating: 2.5/5

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