Tuesday, July 24, 2007

After the Wedding

This is the first festival film that Ian and I have gone to together. (You'll see that we've both rated Conversations with my Gardener, but Ian went to that on a different day to me, inspired by my favourable review) . We were squished into row R at the Embassy, which is the first row of bad seats. My seat, R28, was wobbly and defective, and without wishing to sound overly grumpy, so was the film. Too long, too.

The film festival programme said "one of the richest and most satisfying family dramas of the year" and this film was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Oscar for 2007. What were they thinking? And what was the director trying to say? This is what happens when a billionaire is dying and decides to play god? This is the weirdest family scenario I can think of, how do you like it? The main characters weren't likeable and their various predicaments didn't inspire sympathy. I thought that Jacob was beautiful and Ian thought that Helene was beautiful so if good-looking actors are all you need you might like it.

What you should do is go and see the movie that actually won the Oscar, The Lives of Others - that's a great film

Anne's rating 2/5. Ian's rating 3/5

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  1. While I agree with Anne that the film was too long and I also can't figure out what the director or writer was trying to say with this film, I didn't think it was as bad as Anne is making out. There were dramatic turns and beautiful scenes.

    In terms of actors, I thought Sidse Babett Knudsen and Stine Fischer Christensen (who plays Helene and her daughter Anna) are both beautiful and looked like they were from the same family. We both thought that Pramod the little Indian orphan was cute. I thought that Mads Mikkelsen (Jacob) was particularly ugly, so may be he is sexy ugly.

    Anne wasn't the only one on a broken seat!