Monday, July 25, 2005

The weekend film schedule explained

Just in case anyone is confused about where all these films fit in, I thought I'd write an explanatory note. The Zoo was an impromptu expedition on Friday night as we were going to an Indian restaurant with a bunch of other people at 7.30pm. The Zoo started at 6.15pm and was 70 minutes long so we decided it would fill the gap before dinner nicely. And the movie theatre at Te Papa is only a hop, step and jump from the restaurant.

On Saturday I went to Bombon - El Perro in the early afternoon, Ian went to The Man from Laramie at 6.15pm and I went to Three Dollars at 7.00pm. ( so 6.30 is obviously a good time for penguin-spotting).

On Sunday Ian kicked off the day with Shake hands with the Devil at 11.00 am and then we both went to Yes at 4.00pm and Howl's Moving Castle at 6.15pm. We even managed to fit in help-yourself type Chinese dinner in the half hour between the two movies. On the way home at around 8.45pm we spotted 2 more little blue penguins, though these ones were just sitting quietly on their respective rocks.

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