Monday, July 18, 2005

Look Both Ways

Yesterday I went to Look Both Ways, Ian went to Turtles can Fly and we both went to Kung Fu Hustle.

Look Both Ways is an Australian drama and since I am a big fan of Australian films, I was unsurprised that I liked this one. The theme is the way people deal with the bad things in their lives (death,illness,relationship trouble) but you shouldn't be put off by the threat of too much angst. The three main characters are very likeable despite their neuroses and the script is very funny.It is touching, but not sentimental. Seeing the heroine's imagination in animated form is a nice touch.

The producer and director/writer were both present and did a Q&A session after the film. The writer was asked if she wrote the script with any particular actors in mind and she said that her partner(William McInnes, who was Max Connors on Seachange and is one of the three main characters in the film) was underemployed so she wrote a film for him to be in! She also said they shot the film in Adelaide because the Adelaide film festival paid them $250,000 and they got money from the South Australian Film Commission.

Anne's rating 4/5.

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