Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bombon - El Perro

This film was made in Patagonia and is about an illiterate recently-redundant garage attendant(Juan) who gets given a pedigree Argentinian Dogo (Bombon) as a reward for rescuing a damsel in automotive distress. Dogos are supposed to be great fighting dogs, but Bombon is mostly benign and friendly, and attempts to get him to be a stud dog don't go that well either.

Bombon and Juan have assorted low-key adventures, and attempts are made to take advantage of them but they triumph in the end.This was a nice tranquil little film, and marked the beginning of the ever-more intimate relationship Ian and I are having with row L at the Embassy. Row L is the back row of the posh section which has large leather seats. Normally these seats cost $18, so to get them at the film festival price of $14 (or $11 if you're a film society member)is a definite incentive to book early.

My rating: ( for the film) 3/5 .(for the seat) 4.5/5 - could be a little squashier


  1. This is on at the Tricycle on Kilburn High Road and I thought it looked quite entertaining. But 3/5 isn't really much of a recommendation, is it?

  2. Well, I'm thinking there are better films that you could see. We have seen some great films since this space