Thursday, July 21, 2005


Another romance, another film without Anne. 3-Iron is a South Korean film for people who hate subtitles. Made by a someone who would have been at home in the silent era. Two solitary and hence silent people accidentally meet and fall in love. He tries to live without interacting with people, invisible, taking and giving without asking, self indugent yet caring, a man who likes to do things manually in an automated, throw-away world. She sees his life-style as an escape from hers. Boy meets girl, boy not sure he wants a girl cluttering his life at first, initial happiness is brought to a close by an uncaring outside world. Not an original plot, but one that puts us into the role of love's enemies by exposing the uncaring, paranoid nature of today's society and the anger some people have towards those who thumb their nose at conventional behaviour. Very beautifully presented and showing how much a file-maker can communicate without words.

(I might flinch the next time I see someone pick up a golf club)

Rating 5/5

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