Friday, July 20, 2007


Everyone knows someone like Liz.
She's quick with a lie.
Nothing is ever her fault.

What's yours is hers, doesn't matter if it's your necklace or your husband.

For most people these personal traits would spell disaster but when her sister kicks her out and Liz is rescued from the streets by Aiden, a delusional tow-truck driver, she's equipped with the kind of quick wit and survival skill to get inside his head.

Just as well because he's convinced she's his runaway wife, and he's intent on making sure she doesn't leave him again.

How far will Liz go with his fantasy?
Pretty far.
But the line between fantasy and love can be confusing even for Liz.

That is the distributor's blurb. And it sums things up reasonably well, and describes Liz perfectly. She is the grungier version of Suburban Mayhem's Katrina (what does this say about Ozzie sheilas?). Before we can get comfortable with the idea of a "Suburban Mayhem" remake, the film takes a drastic turn and Aiden takes charge. Aiden is also an interesting character, well out of the norm for film characters, if not in real life. Liz and Aiden spend the film struggling for the upper hand over each other as the back story is slowly revealed.

Behind the mind games and the escape thriller story line, there are other things to confront the audience: obsession, personal ethics, sanity, love.

On the downside this film is video quality, which is irritating on the big screen, but would not be noticeable on TV. There also seemed to be a couple of minor plot flaws near the end. But otherwise it is an enjoyable film which will stick in your mind.

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