Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kung Fu Hustle

Ah, the pressure! We're only on day 4 and we're behind with the write-ups already. Kung Fu Hustle is light entertainment. If you haven't been to a Kung Fu movie you need to know that the stunts and special effects are very sophisticated and the dialogue and plot are not. Think Christmas pantomime for their equivalent and you'll have it about right.

Taking a distinctive characteristic and exaggerating it until funny is a standard comic technique for lampooning. Film-making includes many conventions which are ridiculous under a magnifying glass. 'KFH' does for HK martial arts films and the current obsession with CGI what "Last Action Hero" did for American action flicks. It has spectacular stunts. It out-sillies silly. It makes jokes about homosexuals and fat people. It even makes jokes about spectacle wearers which for a movie made in a country with as many myopes as China is amazing.

For pure escapist entertainment you can't go past this film. Best seen on the big screen, we think.

Ian's rating 5/5 Anne's rating 3/5


  1. So Ian had a fantastic time and Annie got a bit fidgety in the long kung fu sequences? Just trying to interpret the different ratings...

  2. I can't comment on Anne's rating but I enjoyed it. I started to write a review but in the end let Anne pinch a couple of sentences to put into her review.